1. […] The Birthday Giveaway is still going on! All entrants receive 30% off a session fee and one luck winner will receive a free session and Print package!! Please share with your friends and family so they’ll have some great images to send to you this holiday season! […]

  2. […] Dear Kate Studios Birthday Giveaway is still open. If you have already entered, please share with your friends and family. If not, you […]

  3. […] The Birthday Giveaway ends tonight! Make sure to enter and share with your friends and family to save 30% on your session fee! To book your session and find out your next steps, email me at kate@dearkatestudios.com or call 970-682-4357. Share this: « Previous Article | 0 COMMENTS | ADD YOUR COMMENT Thank you for submitting your message. Your post is under moderation   […]

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