Get the photos your family deserves

...without the stress

Everyone is smiling and looking at the camera … but your family is more than just smiling faces. You’re full of life and love and all the messy magical parts between.

 You want to look your best (and want your kids to as well!), but know that will only happen when you let go of the stress and embrace the joy, beauty, and humor (like that new habit of a finger up their nose constantly!) that's right in front of you!

Let me help you see that magic. The way your kids laugh, the eyes they make for only you, the shy grin that's quintessential to who they are. Breathe confidence into your children by showing them they are loved for being who they are.

Do you ever scroll through Instagram and feel like something's missing in all those “perfect family photos”?  

Ready for REAL beautiful family photos? I thought so! Download my top tips now!

Get my 5 tips for stress-free family photos! 

 I photograph busy moms who secretly want to embrace the messy beauty of their lives and ditch the cookie-cutter-perfect, every-hair-in-place photos for images that make them feel all the feels of what motherhood is really like.

Hi! I'm Kate!

"Kate is amazingly talented, her studio was perfect, she has a magical touch with newborns and also made sure our three-year-old felt special and included. Our experience exceeded our expectations!! We couldn't have picked a better person to capture this chapter!!!"

"Kate has always captured our family so beautifully and naturally. She is incredible with making kids feel comfortable in front of the camera and makes getting our photos done fun! She's the best!"

"Not only are her photos beautiful, they truly capture time and the sweet memories you want to always remember as your kids grow up. She pays attention to details and captures things like their little chubby wrist rolls and eyelashes. She is fun to work with and truly made my kids feel comfortable. They were excited to take pictures!"

Ready for REAL beautiful photos? Download my top tips now!

Get my 5 Tips for Stress-free Family Photos