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As a small business owner you try to wear all of the hats and learn all of the things. That DIY spirit is what got you into running a business in the first place, right?  

But now that you’re up and running, you can see that it’s just not possible to be a jack-of-all-trades. When you focus your efforts on one thing, something else suffers. You are just one person after all! 

You’ve got a clear vision for your brand, you’re doing the dang thing; you’ve crafted quality products or services, your marketing strategy is coming together, and the clients you HAVE worked with adored you. 

It’s time to start sharing that beautiful little business baby … but most days, you feel like you’re falling flat. 

Those DIY images and stock photos aren’t QUITE conveying the quality and the beautiful messy love story behind your brand. Your customers can’t exactly tell what they are getting with you and they click that back button 2 seconds after landing on your page. 


Ditch the DIY and bring your brand vision to life.

Deep breaths. I'm here to help.


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Need help pulling it all together? Dear Kate Studios offers content creation + planning. Get in touch so we will work together to express your brand voice with visual content that sells.

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People buy from people! Show off the personal side of your brand with images and videos that tell your story!

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You've spent time perfecting every aspect of that special thing you sell. Let's show it off! 

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Brands I've worked with

Rookie Humans is a small business that make imaginative, playful, and magical children's bedding. This project focused on the new swaddle blanket line. We created images for lifestyle social media content, product listing photos, and video content of the products in use. 

Starhitched Wagon, a Colorado based company, was launching a new website with a rebranded apothecary bath and body line. We created cohesive content that spoke directly to the target client to be used throughout the new website and social media channels. 

Kinsey Grace Collection creates swoon-worthy keepsake accessories for babies. We created this sweet video to tell the story of the mother-daughter connection that starts so early in life with the ritual of dressing and choosing the perfect bow to complement each outfit.

Cait + Co creates small-batch bath, body, and home goodies with quality ingredients. With the rebrand of the Luxe line, Cait + Co needed new content showing the products in use and in the hands of their target clients.

PickaPeg is a mom owned small business specializing in hand-crafted peg boards. Owner Noel, was struggling with potential clients not understanding how easy her boards are to install and then how fun and versatile they are to use. We created two videos to quickly and simply show customers how awesome these pegboards really are.

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A: No problem! I love finding that sweet spot between what you want to say and what your clients are ready to hear and then creating the visuals to make your brand sing! Schedule your free call above to get a feel for how I work!

Q: What if I’m not sure what I want my content to look like?

A: Just having gorgeous photos and videos to share is a fantastic start! But if you want more, I’m available to layout your grid for you and give your caption prompts to take the guesswork out of posting! 

Q: I never know what to post!! Will having this session help me?

A: True story? Setting up your shoot will take a little bit of your time, but will save you hours and hours in the long run! The goal from every shoot is to provide you with at LEAST 30 days of visual content. Having those images and videos ready to go will get you posting with the content that engages your audience. Hello, big increase in sales! 

Q: I don’t think I have time for this??

A: Nope!! Many clients just mail their products to me and I take care of everything from choosing models, to creative design, to sourcing locations or backdrops. I know your time is precious and it's totally not necessary for you to be present at your shoot unless we are shooting a brand story ;) 

Q: Do you Only service Colorado Businesses? 

A: Great news! We can absolutely break up your investment into payments! Get in touch and we will custom tailor a plan just for you 

Q: Yikes, I just don’t think I can spend that right now! What can we do?