Timeless artwork to help you remember just how small they were.

Sure, you’ve got those iPhone camera skills on lock. You’ve read every Pinterest article about photographing your baby in the hospital and your selfie skills? Look out, Kardashian family! 

But those aren't going to be the heirloom quality photos you want to pass down from generation to generation. 


The truth of it? Those early days will be hard to remember in your sleep-deprived, love-drunk state! 

Everyone you meet wants to rub that baby bump and tell you how fast these days will go. You’re already feeling time speed up, mama! The kicks are getting stronger and you feel like you’re running out of space in your own body. 


Photograph your baby from the very beginning.

Because you know “time flies” is a cliché for a reason...

Introducing the Dear Kate  Experience:

Fully custom newborn photography so you can just show up with your sweet little baby and walk away with gorgeous timeless artwork to remember this time.

Here's what you get with Dear Kate Studios:
•An in-studio experience so you don’t have to worry about a tidy home while you’re rocking that new baby. Love that lifestyle look? We can totally do that in the studio too! 
•All of those adorable props, headbands, and hats provided and styled just for you. You’ll walk away with artwork that matches your home decor and is 100% your taste! 
•Family and sibling poses, because those relationships will grow and change so much over the first year and beyond!
•Online booking, consultation, and ordering so you get everything taken care of in your own time! Pregnancy insomnia? Great time to prep for your newborn session!
•Hand-holding help picking out what to wear so you all feel comfortable AND look your best.
•A comfortable place to hang out and relax while your baby has their close up! Toys for siblings, Netflix and wifi for you, and snacks and drinks too!

PLUS, you’ll also get::
•A proofing gallery with all of the BEST photos of your family within 72 hours of your session! 
•The choice of your very favorite images to purchase, no more buying pictures you don’t love and will never use.
•Digital images with printing rights so you can share your gorgeous family online + make as many prints as you want. 
•Access to my professional print lab so you get heirloom-quality prints and products that you can pass down for generations. 

Want to go beyond those first few days? 

Maternity and first Year

Within just a couple of days of your session, your inbox will make the happiest ding! A proofing gallery with all of the best images from your session will be waiting for you. Choose your favorites and I’ll do all of my photoshop magic and send them back to you, ready to print and put on your walls! 

Your photos are ready! 

This is the easy part! You get to just show up with your sweet little one and I will work my magic. I have some simple prep instructions to make sure baby is ready for sleep when you arrive at my downtown Loveland studio. We start with family pictures and then you just get to relax! Many parents take a little nap to the gentle roar of the ocean sound machine that keeps baby calm!

Session day!

Drop me a line and we’ll get your due date on my calendar! Babies come in their own time always so I’m only able to take a few newborn sessions per month. When your baby arrives, you’ll call your mom and then email me so we can get our session date scheduled! Newborn sessions typically take place before baby is 2-3 weeks old! 

Get in touch!

How does it work?

"It’s such a special time, newborn days are gone before you know it and I wanted the photos to remember it by. I’m so thankful we did the photos. When I look at them I am transported back in time and can remember everything about how she was at 7 days old."

"Kate is so kind and was so loving toward our baby girl (like, seriously, she could calm a rabid raccoon with her techniques). The expressions she captured are timeless and I look back on our newborn photos and my heart swells. We felt so confident with what we were getting and I can guarantee that we will book a session again."

"Kate was very friendly and the photo shoot was very relaxing and she had incredible patience with my baby. The photos were also great."

What your friends are saying

So how much does it cost?

I know having photos taken can feel like a big investment! I want you to walk away with only the photos you love the most so I’ve set up pricing with collections of digital images.

You pay a session fee of $275 to book your spot and then choose your collections AFTER you see your images! Digital collections start at $400. 

Most family package clients spend a final total between $900-1300 for full imagery prints and collections.

“I wanted to do newborn photos for our first baby and didn’t–so I was SURE we did some with the second!”

“These photos are a life-long investment and great memories. You were WONDERFUL with our girl!”

Oh hey, I got a little carried away on my soapbox about how fast those newborn days move and didn’t introduce myself!

I’m Kate. I married my high school sweetheart over 10 years ago and we have three curious and imaginative kids. We live for summers camping and playing in whatever river, lake, or even puddle that's nearby. Sun and sand are our jam. In the winter you'll find us cozied up watching movies, having dance parties in the kitchen, or doing art projects together. This motherhood gig is a huge part of me and I love seeing how different motherhood looks for everyone! I can’t wait to learn about you and your family too as we sit and chat while you feed your baby during our session! 

And just who am I?

A: As a mom myself, I know every pregnancy and baby is different! My own babies liked to hang out in my belly as long as possible, while my sister-in-law had babies well before their due date! When you book, I pencil in your due date and ensure I have time blocked off before and after to offer you flexibility in booking. You contact me as soon as baby is born and we get a solid session time on the calendar, typically a weekday morning in the first 2-3 weeks of baby’s life.

Q: How do you schedule a session when you don’t know when the baby will be born?

A: I know it can be a big investment. I love my pricing structure because it allows you to get “just a couple of good photos” at a lower price point. It’s also broken up so that your session fee is due to book and then you don’t pay for photos until after the session. Adding a note to your shower invitations is a great way to get friends and family help out instead of having them purchase another newborn size outfit that your baby will maybe get one wear out of ;)

Q: Yikes, I just don’t think I can spend that right now! What are my options?

A: The studio is fully stocked with everything for your baby and even a few options for mom and siblings! For studio portraits I find solid neutrals to be best! BUT seriously don’t stress about this. I am here to help 100% and I love putting together clothes that not only make you look great but feel great!

Q: What should we wear? I’m not very good at coordinating outfits! 

A: I can’t wait to chat with you! Email me at kate@dearkatestudios.com or click that little contact button up top!

Q: I have more questions, how can I get in touch?


What do you say, wanna work together?

When my daughter was born in 2010, I didn't really know a lot about professional photos. I'm so sad that we missed the newborn phase with her.  Of course, I have pictures we took ourselves but those first weeks went so quickly and all I have to remember them are a handful of poorly lit images and no photos of the three of us as a family outside of those few snapshots in the hospital. 

When my boys were born, we made sure to get those family photos and those images of them at just a few days old. Those photographs are some of my favorites on the walls of my house and my kids love seeing themselves so tiny! I'm so glad I didn't let the guilt of making everything even for each kid hold me back from getting photos for our 2nd and 3rd babies.

You'll only Regret the photos you didn't have taken.