When One Session Isn't Enough!

Photography to document your baby's first year of life and more

There is really no experience that compares to pregnancy and the first year of having a baby. Dear Kate Studios offers session for maternity and a special series for the first year of life. 

From the moment those two lines appear, time is going to fly!

You want to document every milestone of your baby's first year but coming to the studio every 3 months gets exhausting! On top of that, while your baby is changing every day, those big milestones are a little more spaced out! The Root + Sprout Series is a way of documenting your baby's beginnings and growth as well as the growth of your family. 

You'll pay a series fee  which will cover your session fee for a sitting session and a birthday session. You get to choose how many images you would like to purchase from each session.

As a special gift, you'll receive a complementary outdoor family session fee in year 2 to celebrate how far you've all come together! Your family is at the root of this little sprout after all <3 


After many years of trial with 1st year plans I've found a solution that makes sense! 

What do you say, wanna work together?