My promise to you:
a memorable experience with your family and the photos to prove it. 

You get everyone dressed and camera ready; you bribe your kids with all of the dum-dums in the world to just behave please for this one hour.  

Then weeks later you get a handful of photos of everyone (sorta) looking at the camera but no one even looks like themselves because you’re all stressed to the max. 

This is totally not making you feel better about how fast this whole motherhood thing is moving! 


UGH Family photos. 

 You’re folding that never-ending pile of laundry and you find that one little shirt that your baby (come on mom, she’s 5 now, time to stop using that word ;) ) wore on your last playdate. You grab it with both hands and bring it to your face to take it in one last time before putting it in the donate pile. She’s growing so freaking fast and you feel this wave of emotions like a gut punch. How did this happen? 

You swear she was just a baby in your arms up all night. She was just hanging at your feet like 5 minutes ago. And now? Kindergarten is around the corner and your time together is becoming less and less. Time to schedule those family photos so you can remember this all too brief time, right?! 


Forget what you think you know about getting family photos taken—it’s gonna be a blast, I promise. 

Because all of those little not-so-perfect things you love about your kids — the way her hair looks when she’s been playing hard, how a band-aid and a kiss fix just about anything, how they fight hard, but love each other fiercely — those are the things that make beautiful, meaningful photographs. The kind of photos that will bring you back to this moment. 

Introducing the Dear Kate  Experience:

Fun outdoor family photography; authentic portraits so you can remember all of the truly important things about your story right now.

Here's what you get with Dear Kate Studios:
•An invitation to play so you can take the pressure of perfection out of the equation. 
•Direction to create natural interactions so you get all of those special moments on film.
•Online booking, consultation, and ordering so you get everything taken care of in your own time!
•Hand-holding help picking out what to wear so you all feel comfortable AND look your best.
•Up to 1 hour of shoot time to allow for lots of play but not so long that everyone is bored and tired. I work quickly to get the images you crave without too much fuss!
•The option to take your memories up a level and add video! How much more special will those little details be in motion and with the sounds of their little voices and laughter?

PLUS, you’ll also get:
•A proofing gallery with all of the BEST photos of your family within 72 hours of your session! 
•The choice of your very favorite images to purchase, no more buying pictures you don’t love and will never use.
•Digital images with printing rights so you can share your gorgeous family online + make as many prints as you want. 
•Access to my professional print lab so you get heirloom-quality prints and products that you can pass down for generations. 

Within just a couple of days of your session, your inbox will make the happiest ding! A proofing gallery with all of the best images from your session will be waiting for you. Choose your favorites and I’ll do all of my photoshop magic and send them back to you, ready to print and put on your walls! 

Your photos are ready! 

We’ll meet at an awesome location catered to you, typically about an hour or so before sunset. I’ll spend a few minutes chatting with your kids and getting them comfortable. Then we’ll play! I have a whole bag of tricks up my sleeve to make your session feel more like a play date with your family than anything else! 

Session day!

We’ll find a date that works for your family schedule and get to know each other a little better through a questionnaire and email consult. I’ll help you pick out camera-ready outfits you are all comfortable and happy in.

Get in touch!

How does it work?

 “ Kate was beyond incredible!! We absolutely loved our sunset foothills family shoot! We were so excited about getting new family pictures with our new little guy who just turned one a week before the shoot. Kate was so amazing with our little guy ... so personable and fun! We have an absolute beautiful portfolio now that we will forever cherish. “

“Kate is so great to work with. She is very laid back and lets you do what is natural for your family. She had our pictures done in a timely fashion and they look great!”

‘Kate delivered an exceptional experience for our family each time we had portraits with her. I’m thrilled to pass along heirlooms to my children and hopefully, theirs. We look forward to our sessions with her!”

What your friends are saying

So how much does it cost?

I know having photos taken can feel like a big investment! I want you to walk away with only the photos you love the most so I’ve set up pricing with collections of digital images.

You pay a session fee of $200 to book your spot and then choose your collections AFTER you see your images! Digital collections start at $400. 

Most family package clients spend a final total between $900-1100 for full imagery prints and collections.

(and have fun doing it!)

Oh hey, I got a little carried away on my soapbox about how family photos don’t have to be so stressful and didn’t introduce myself!

I’m Kate. I married my high school sweetheart over 10 years ago and we have three curious and imaginative kids. We live for summers camping and playing in whatever river, lake, or even puddle that's nearby. Sun and sand are our jam. In the winter you'll find us cozied up watching movies, having dance parties in the kitchen, or doing art projects together. This motherhood gig is a huge part of me and I love seeing how different motherhood looks for everyone! I can’t wait to learn about you and your family too!

And just who am I?

A: I feel ya mama! My littlest is full of curiosity and always exploring. The truth is, I love it when your kids bring their crazy! We’ll harness that into running races and tickle fights and you’ll walk away with pictures that make you say “Oh that’s totally them!”

Q: What if my kids are crazy?

A: I know it can be a big investment. I love my pricing structure because it allows you to get “just a couple of good photos” at a lower price point. I do also offer mini sessions a couple of times per year for when you really just need a quick update! These don’t allow me to offer the full experience because they take place back to back in a much shorter time frame but they are great when the budget is really limited but you know your kids are growing just too fast. 

Q: Yikes, I just don’t think I can spend that right now! What are my options?

A: No one wants to be out in the rain or hanging out with germy kids. I keep extra space in my calendar just for this reason! We’ll reschedule for a better day if everything is falling apart! 

Q: Ah what if it rains or someone gets sick?

A: First of all, you most likely have at least half of what you need in your closets! And the rest can be filled in with a quick trip to Target or Old Navy usually. BUT seriously don’t stress about this. I am here to help 100% and I love putting together clothes that not only make you look great but feel great!

Q: What should we wear? I’m not very good at coordinating outfits! 

A: I can’t wait to chat with you! Email me at or click that little contact button up top!

Q: I have more questions, how can I get in touch?


What do you say, wanna work together?

Let’s show up and be ourselves and show them we value ourselves and them just as they are. 

Kids learn more from what we do than what we say.