Motherhood Sessions 2019 {Loveland Studio Mommy and Me}

If you know me or have read anything on this website, you know motherhood is a theme that’s always on my mind. Being a mom is the most important role for me. Throughout my journey, I’ve loved seeing how motherhood is different for every woman. Yet there are universal truths too.
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I’ve studied motherhood in books and art and film. But through photography, I’ve had the joy of seeing motherhood up close. I’ve watched moms hold their days old baby, seen them chase toddlers through a field and then sit back to watch them grow. I’ve seen moms preparing for their child’s last year at home, realizing how quickly it’s all gone by. I’ve also seen mothers become grandmothers and guide their daughters into motherhood.
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In celebration of the beauty and chaos of motherhood, I will be hosting Motherhood Sessions. These will take place on May 5, 2019, between 9:30 am and 3 pm at my Loveland Studio. Click to May and grab your preferred time slot here! 

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