Don’t Blink – Fort Collins Family Film + Photos

ft collins family film + candid family pictures along the poudre river

The thing about cliches is that they exist for a reason. Before having kids I heard people say over and over “Time flies” “Children grow so fast” and “Don’t Blink” and while I thought I understood, I didn’t. I’m not sure I fully understand now even how fast time truly moves. My kids are 4, 5.5 and 8 this summer. We’ve had an amazing summer getting into that sweet spot of parenting and I’m seriously loving our life, the freedom and independence the kids and us parents are feeling. But holy cow my kids are totally different from the people they were at the end of the school year. We’ve lost teeth and learned to ride bikes on two wheels. Swim lessons (through the city of Loveland at Winona pool) have given us a chance to breathe when the kids are around water. Mispronounced words are becoming more clear and kids are reading signs as we drive around town. Bodies are stronger and longer and leaner and tanner. Time flies. Children grow so fast. Don’t blink.

Photos have a beautiful way of slowing time down and freezing a moment (again so cliche but so true!). But there are some memories that just aren’t as clear in our minds and fade over time, even with a photograph’s help. Video has a whole other power of preserving the way your children move and laugh and play. I love hearing those little voices and mispronounced words. Seeing the change in a mother and child’s faces as they look at each other. Watching how a child fits in their parent’s arms and how those stretching growing lanky limbs still wrap around Daddy.

family video session along the poudre river

I met up with the Bailey family at one of my favorite spots along the Poudre River just north of Fort Collins this summer to play and explore. These sessions are a perfect little time out to focus on family, step back and enjoy the moment, and take notice of all of the changes that have snuck in over the long days of summer. Alexis and Kyla had a blast playing in the water and could hardly wait to get to the river. They were excited and having fun the whole hour we spent together and when it was time to go I don’t think anyone really wanted to leave!


Summer family portraits mother and child fort collins

family pictures fort collins poudre river posed pictures

family film ft collins home moviesWhat changes have you seen in your kids this year? What little movements and words to you never want to forget? What is your favorite thing about your kids RIGHT NOW? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below <3




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