A baby brother! {Loveland Newborn Photography Studio}

A baby brother! {Loveland Newborn Photography Studio}

Sweet Nolan is such a lucky baby to have joined this fun Windsor, CO family. From the time I spent with them in my Loveland studio I can see that they love big and strong! Big brother was quite taken with his new baby and future best friend! Can you blame him?? Look at that hair and that precious face!! I love how these newborn photos show just how small baby is at just over a week old! He’s grown so much already and his sweet little face is changing. 

newborn baby boy windsor colorado studio photographer

newborn family photography windsor colorado

windsor colorado newborn photographer

baby boy in blue newborn photography windsor colorado

Expecting a new little brother or sister in your family? Email me at kate@dearkatestudios.com or through the button below to learn more about documenting these first days!

Newborn Photography, Northern Colorado {Mentoring Review}

Newborn Photography, Northern Colorado {Mentoring Review}

Baby K came in to model for me shortly after I attended mentoring to help perfect my newborn photography with Nicole Smith Photography out of Scottsbluff, NE. The mentoring was amazing and I had so many light bulb moments throughout. The trip to get there on the other hand was a wild ride! 

simple classic organic newborn pictures

My dear friend Chantry from Chantry Lee Photography flew in from Montana to come with me. We were both trying to minimize our time away from our children and she scheduled her flight to arrive at 11pm. I headed to DIA just as a super heavy rain came in. It was so wet and heavy that the roads were reflecting every single light like crazy and you could hardly see the lines painted on! I of course checked the flight status before I left home (on time) and then again as I was waiting for my Dutch Bros coffee (yay for a late night coffee shop!)  when it showed a 15 minute delay! No big deal as the roads made for slower travel. I got to the airport and got  message from Chantry that her plane had landed but there was no gate available for them to de-board! I ended up circling DIA for about an hour before she was finally set free haha!

berthoud newborn photography baby pictures

We were finally on our way to Nebraska after midnight! Mentoring was starting at 8:30 am and the rain was still coming down really hard and flooding the roads! To make it even more exciting, Chantry was not feeling great after a very turbulent flight in! About an hour into the drive we realized the rain combined with the pitch black night were making a pretty risky combo! We found a hotel in Cheyenne and stopped an hour from home with an hour and half of driving to do in the morning. We woke about an hour and a half later in daylight to 2 inches of snow on the ground!! When we chose our dates for mentoring back in January, we certainly didn’t think we’d be driving to Nebraska in a snow storm in MAY! Typical for Cheyenne, the snow was thick and wet and blowing all over. Luckily about 30 minutes away, the snow turned to rain and we made our way safely to Scottsbluff! 

The first day was packed with learning! We had 3 little models that day and we worked through each pose learning the ins and out how baby should be positioned to show just how tiny and bendy and sweet newborns are! We also worked through some techniques for soothing baby and keeping them happy and settled. When all of the babies headed home we talked business and editing 🙂 Nicole was an open book with us and it was so cool to bounce ideas off of her and talk through some things. After a the biggest plate of nachos you’ve ever seen, we headed to an early bed time and tried to catch up on the sleep we had missed the night before! 

Day two was hands on practice with a sweet baby girl. It was awesome to review and go over questions with a little more rest. My brain was totally swimming with new information at this point but all of my questions were answered and we headed back to DIA just after lunch so we could get back to our own babies (even if they aren’t really babies anymore haha!).

Northern Colorado Newborn Portrait Photographer Baby pictures

Baby K came to the studio the following week and I got to put all of my new knowledge in practice! I’m so happy with the growth I’ve experience from the mentoring session! For me the change in my work is super obvious! And of course I continue to grow and change a little with each newborn session. Photographers, I’d highly recommend working with Nicole! She had a wonderful way of teaching that just made sense and was easy to remember. I feel like everything she taught was repeatable on my own as well which is huge! 

Mamas, If you are expecting, I’d love to work with you and your new babe! Email me at kate@dearkatestudios.com or through the button below! I’m currently booking due dates October through December <3

Northern Colorado Newborn Photographer {Harper}

Northern Colorado Newborn Photographer {Harper}

Breanna and Justin brought baby Harper into the studio at just 13 days old but we had been planning her session for months! I love when parents contact me in the 2nd trimester so I can be prepared with special sets just for their baby 🙂 Breanna let me know that family photos were very important to them. I’m so thrilled with the results here! You can just feel the pride and love in mom and dad’s arms as they hold their brand new baby girl <3 

newborn baby in  mom and dads arms pale peach

Justin warned me when he walked in that he was not a fan of being photographed! No worries though! I work so quickly to get these images and make it as painless as possible, when his job was done he was so excited! 

newborn baby girl wide awake northern colorado

I love those sweet gorgeous eyes! Little miss Harper fell asleep right after I took that shot on the right though and did amazing for the rest of her session! That pose is a go to for a sleepy baby who can’t quite pass out. All of those layers wrapped on them make them feel so secure!

northern colorado newborn baby neutral tones simple and timeless

baby girl in pink newborn portraits northern colorado

Breanna found these adorable little cowboy boots when she was still pregnant with her baby girl. I love how this set up reflects their family and what they love to do! It’s so fun to do one setup like this for a session <3

baby girl with cowboy boots northern colorado

Of course we did a quick change so there was also a setup to match her nursery <3

flowers with newborn baby girl in a bucket pink and gray northern colorado

If you are expecting a baby in Northern Colorado, email me at kate@dearkatestudios.com and we can start planning your session to include all of those personal touches special to you!

Baby Jack (Loveland Newborn Baby Photography)

Baby Jack (Loveland Newborn Baby Photography)

 Jack came into my Loveland studio with his sweet mama when he was just a few days old!  It was a nice break for mom who left 18 month old big sister at home with grandma! The studio is so peaceful and calm during newborn photography sessions! When you arrive, you get to take a little break while I care for baby and get them into a nice sleepy state for posing. How adorable is the sweet slumbering baby Jack? And how gorgeous is his mama?!

newborn baby boy with mother portrait photographer

newborn baby boy on olive green with vintage style sleep cap

windsor Colorado newborn baby photography

baby with tiny teddy bear jellycats honey bear newborn baby photography windsor colorado

I found this vintage hershey’s chocolate tin in a local antique store and I just love how these images turned out with it! The little teddy bear is from Jelly Cats. These are my favorite little loveys! My youngest kiddo has a couple of puppies from this brand and they are perfect for tucking under a toddlers arm. They’ve become one of my favorite gifts to give my nieces and nephews! 

Do you have a go to gift for the babies in your life? I’d love to hear all about it! We have a new nephew joining the family in August again! 

Baby Ryker  {Loveland Infant Photography}

Baby Ryker {Loveland Infant Photography}

Baby Ryker and his big brother came to my Loveland studio on Valentine’s day! It was a perfect day for a newborn session so full of love. We started the session with some family images and then snuck in some pictures of big brother solo while baby was eating. Big brother headed to preschool after that and I got to work posing the little mister <3  

Loveland infant pictures with family and older sibling

Look how tender that little kiss on baby’s forehead is! I love the expression on mom and dad’s faces. There is nothing like seeing your child become a sibling. Watching your children grow up together and turn into best friends is just the best. Seeing your kids love on each other makes you feel like you must be doing something right!

loveland infant with mom and dad, new parents

loveland colorado siblings infant studio photographer

So glad we could sneak in some solo pictures of Mister Hudson to celebrate his 3rd birthday too! It’s so important to give a little extra attention to big brother to let him know he’s not being replaced in any way!

windsor newborn photographer in vintage coke box with yellow accents

Simple timeless newborn infant pictures windsor colorado

baby smiles windsor colorado studio infant photographer

Is your baby about to become a big brother or sister? I’d love to help you document this time in your growing family’s life. Email me at kate@dearkatestudios.com or through the button below and we can chat about how to make this session special for everyone in your home <3

Loveland Photography Studio {Newborn Pictures for Baby A}

Loveland Photography Studio {Newborn Pictures for Baby A}

I could have snuggled little Adrian all day! He was so sweet and calm and just beautiful! He slept great for his newborn pictures and was so fun to pose! I loved getting to know his parent’s during their maternity session a few weeks earlier and then seeing them after his birth as a family of 3! It’s such an honor to document this very short time is a family’s life.  Everything changes very quickly when you add a new baby to the mix! 

Newborn photography baby in yellow hat windsor Colorado

Loveland baby pictures 

Windsor Macro photography newbonr baby boy

Smiling newborn baby in Windsor Colorado 

Simple newborn photography windsor colorado

severance colorado newborn baby boy pictures

If you are expecting a new little family member, I’d love to work with you. I’m currently booking for summer and fall due dates. Most clients contact me in their second trimester to ensure a space on my calendar. 

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