What to wear for Fall Family Photos in Northern Colorado 2017

What to wear for Fall Family Photos in Northern Colorado 2017

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are starting to change and we are getting a taste of those cooler temperatures! Pumpkin spice everything is everywhere and boots are starting to break out of their closets! Here are some idea of what to wear for your fall family pictures this year in northern Colorado! 

Fall 2017 Family pictures Northern Colorado

I pretty much always start putting together wardrobes based on either mom or daughter’s outfit! There are just so many adorable prints available for women and girls that it’s easy to build a color palette from one outfit. In this first example, the plaid dress popped up in my instagram feel and I was in love! Then the red dress came through a facebook ad from Target and the rest fell into place! These colors will pop against the yellows, oranges and greens of fall in Colorado!

Fall 2017 Family Pictures Loveland CO

This second look, I pulled together with the Pantone colors for fall 2017 in mind. I love the olives and mustards and that pop of bright red-orange! 

I’m always happy to help style wardrobe for my clients! You can start with something you already have or shop brand new for every family member! Either way I’d love to help you pull together outfits that are comfortable, flattering and look great in pictures!

Haven’t booked your session yet? What are you waiting for?! Fall minis are available at the button below 🙂

Sweet Baby Noah {Northern Colorado Newborn Photographer}

Sweet Baby Noah {Northern Colorado Newborn Photographer}

Baby Noah totally stole my heart! Clearly, this is his magical skill as he stole his mom and dad’s hearts too! Look at his adorable little face! Love his sweet round cheeks and amazing dimples! This kiddo was full of expression for such a new little person! I loved all of his little faces but the pucker lips were my favorite!! It’s crazy to think just a couple of weeks later, Noah doesn’t fit in his mom and dad’s arms quite the same way! Babies grow so fast!

I’d love to chat with you if you are expecting a new little family member this year! Let’s capture those tiny little babes before they grow so quickly! Email at kate@dearkatestudios.com or through the button below! 

Timeless Portraits {Loveland Children’s Photographer}

Timeless Portraits {Loveland Children’s Photographer}

There is nothing more special than a timeless portrait of you child hanging on your walls. These simple black and white images make my heart sing and I am so happy to be offering mini sessions for them this April. Kids love to see themselves decorating your home. It makes them feel loved and raises their self esteem as cited in the 1975 study. These portraits are timeless images that you can keep hanging through the ages. You’ll of course still receive digital files with this session but it’s important to me to know that these images are printed! 


Each mini session will include a 10 inch square stand out, ready to hang print, or can be upgraded to a 12 inch round wood photo block. Here’s an example of what each would look like displayed in your living room. 

Round wood block Photo display specialty photography product black and wite portraits

Booking is now open at http://dearkate.session-booking.com/booking/Book/ Grab your spot! 

3 Month old Baby Pictures {Sadie Lady}

3 Month old Baby Pictures {Sadie Lady}

I just adore this baby girl! My little niece Sadie is the smiliest little 3 month old there ever was! I was so happy she came to visit me in my Loveland photography studio for some updated pictures! Milestone sessions are super quick as babies generally don’t love being in front of the camera for long. We still got a ton of variety though for a quick 20 minute session! These types of sessions are perfect for documenting baby’s first year! I love to see little ones as they reach each milestone. Holding their head during tummy time, sitting independently and then standing! 

I’m so happy to be offering more of these milestone sessions in my Loveland studio this year. I’m currently building a wardrobe of ridiculously cute outfits for your baby to wear too, to make your session even more special and stress free! Did your baby recently reach a new milestone you want documented? Contact me below! 

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How to prepare for stress free family pictures

How to prepare for stress free family pictures

Let’s face it, everyone loves having beautiful photographs of their family decorating their walls, gracing friends and family’s mailboxes at the holidays, and of course to use for profile pictures.  But for most people, when the time comes to take those photos, they STRESS! Getting everyone dressed and to the location on time without someone spilling food on their outfit or blowing out a diaper raises the blood pressure! Then you get there and feel like your kiddo is at their very worst behavior!  Luckily you’ve hired a pro and the images will absolutely be beautiful regardless of the situation! Even still, here are a few tips to make your next family session FUN! 

1. Prep the kids. Your photo session should be fun! Let the kids know ahead of time this is going to be a blast! You’ll be hanging out together as a family, cuddling, tickling, chasing and playing games. Get your children excited for this special time you get to spend together. Avoid telling them to use their “real smile” or to behave. Words like that typically make children nervous and clam up. Those aren’t the pictures you’ll cherish! And it’s easy to see on camera when someone is genuinely laughing, smiling and having fun. 

2. Prep for parents. Take a look at your photographer’s portfolio. Get a feel for what things you love and want to see in your own session. This also helps give you a feel for what you’ll be doing during your session and helps you relax a little! If you have any concerns, speak up ahead of time and let your photographer know! Before you get out of the car at your session, take a deep breath! You may think your kids are acting crazy but trust the professional you hired to capture your memories. 9 times out of 10 they’ve nailed those in between moments and perfect smiles when you blinked 😉

3. Plan for a reward. Yup, a good old fashioned bribe never hurt anyone! Plus, it will be really fun to go get ice cream as a family and celebrate after your pictures are all done. I would suggest keeping the bribes for after the session though. Red candy drool is a little distracting in photos 😉

4. Plan your outfits ahead of time. Lay out everyone’s outfit ahead of time. Make sure everyone has tried them on and that everyone is comfortable in their clothes! Itchy collars and too tight shoes take the fun away from your session. Moms, let Dad know who is wearing what and put him in charge of dressing the kids. Go take a nice shower and pamper yourself! Or even better, hire a pro for your hair and makeup! My favorite local ladies are Keegan with Steele the Spotlight and Candace with Dotted with Hearts. Need more advice on what to wear for your family pictures? Check out these posts: 

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And my Pinterest board at https://www.pinterest.com/dearkatestudios/what-to-wear/

You are also always more than welcome to send me ideas you’ve got and I’m happy to help you pull them together!

5. Take a deep breath and just enjoy it! Make sure you get a picture of just you and your spouse while the kids blow off some steam! You probably haven’t had a good picture of just the two of you since your wedding 😉 And that time gives you a moment to connect and enjoy the family you’ve built together!

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