6 Things You May Not Have Thought About Packing for the Hospital

Crazy that it’s been almost 3 years since we had our last baby. It really feels just like yesterday, however cliche that sounds, that we were packing our hospital bags and preparing for a newborn baby to come into our lives. By the third kiddo it we felt like old pros getting ready to head into labor and delivery! Here’s a few of the things we brought to the hospital that you may not have thought of! 

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1. Pillows! We were so happy to have our own pillows from home in the hospital. Our first baby spent 6 nights in the NICU so we were away from home for a long time! Not only did it provide us with physical comfort , but that little piece of home added some emotional comfort too. As an added bonus, our cute pillow cases added a special touch to the pictures we took during our hospital stays with all three babies.

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2. Chapstick and lotion. There is something about being in the hospital that just totally dries you out! The hospital supplies chapstick and lotion but again having that special something from home is so nice.

unconventional items for hospital packing list what to pack for labor

3. A roll of toilet paper. I know this is a strange one but that hospital toilet paper is so bad! I was so glad to have my Charmin! haha!

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4. Something comfy and cute to wear in labor. With my first I didn’t bring anything special to wear in labor. The hospital gown ended up being so constricting to me! With my boys, I had a soft comfy nursing bra that was not constrictive but allowed me to feel covered and modest during labor and delivery.  Bonus tip: Bring something cute and comfy to wear after! Pack a pretty floral robe or a patterned maxi skirt. You’ll feel beautiful stepping out of that hospital gown for a little while and your first photos as a family will be even better!

hospital packing list labor and delivery northern colorado

5. Cash! We didn’t even think about what my husband was going to do for food the first time we had a baby. At Poudre Valley Hospital, back then, he had to go down to the cafeteria or someone had to bring him something. Now dads or any guest can order meals along with mom but they have to be paid for with cash. Bring some money along 🙂 The food is actually pretty darn good! 

newborn hospital packing list northern colorado

6. A gift for big brother or sister. When Drew was born, Harper was obsessed with Spiderman. Yes, our tiny 2.5 year old baby girl was head over heels for the red and blue super hero. So we brought this giant spiderman stuffed animal stuffed in our hospital bag into labor and delivery with us. Still at age 6 she knows that spiderman was a present for her from her brand new baby brother. Anyone that gives you an awesome present can’t be that bad right? 

What other unconventional things made their way into your hospital bags as you headed to labor and delivery? What did you wish you had packed but didn’t? 

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