In no particular order, here are 10 things I want to remember from this month that made me smile.
1. J&D’s wedding went off with out a hitch and was so much fun! Definitely a memorable weekend, but with very few of my own photos since I was on bridesmaid duty. My camera got left in my car and I never made the trek in my heels to retrieve it. Thank goodness for the cell phone or some truly hilarious images would have been missed late in the night after all of the real cameras headed home. Here’s a nice pic from early on in the evening of my sweet girl and I.

2. TV is back! I know this is dumb but I really love TV and I’ve kind of missed it. It also kind of makes me take a break from the computer screen when something good is on.

3. I’ve had a couple of fun sessions and am getting more on the books for the coming weeks. In the meantime, I’m learning a lot more about how to run a business and provide the things that will make my clients happy.

4. Harper is starting to communicate with us more and more. She’s been signing for a while now and continues to learn new signs as well as make up her own. She’s starting to verbalize a bit more to but is definitely on her own agenda 🙂

5. The weather cooled down a bit and then heated back up. While it’s frustrating to run the A/C, I really love warm weather. The cool weather was nice for a few days though too.

6. I got to spend a couple of frantic days with my sister-in-law who lives in CA over the wedding weekend. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it but I have 7 sister-in-laws and I love them all. J and I are really close friends on top of that  and I really miss her while she’s in school.

The Bride and her sisters- we are missing one sister-in-law because she had a baby the week before the wedding!

J & I

7. I became and Aunt this month! My precious nephew was born September 4th, the day after his mommy and daddy moved. Talk about good timing  🙂 We can not wait to meet him in October!

8. We got to spend a Saturday morning as a family wandering around the French Nest Market with my parents. I didn’t buy anything but I love to look at what all the local crafters and artists have out.

9. Modern technology is amazing. Harper now says “Dada” at my phone or when Skype opens on my computer. Rich spent a good bit of the month out of town but is staying home more now. We really missed having him here but it was nice to be able to keep in touch easily.

10. I can still do a cartwheel! We went to our high school’s football game on Friday night with our friends. The kids were all getting restless so we left the game at the end of the 3rd quarter.  We crossed through the fields where Rich and our friends had thrown discus and shot put and they were all messing around. The kids were spinning circles in the discus ring and K and I decided to see if we could still do cartwheels. We can and it was really fun! I think I’ll practice my handspring next time 😉

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